Ripper Tooth

Don't let freezing weather or hard conditions slow you down. The AMI Frost Ripper Tooth is designed for initial breakup of dense, hard-packed material including frozen ground. The tooth is formed from solid Hardox HiTuf Steel and allows for easy tip replacement, keeping you in the field longer. Make your next ripper tooth an AMI and you'll experience strength and durability that will keep your machine running and get your job done. Contact your dealer for more info on the AMI Frost Ripper Tooth and extend your season and digging capabilities. Learn More


Graptor Bucket

Powered by a helical actuator, the AMI Graptor Bucket features incredible holding strength. The built-in rotary actuated thumb gives operators improved flexibility and precision by maintaining constant grip on the load throughout the bucket’s entire rotation. Learn More

Fluid Edge Segmented Cutting Edge

Introducing the all-new Fluid Edge Segmented Cutting Edge from AMI. Featuring individual 12" segments that respond and conform to uneven surfaces, Fluid Edge lowers both your salt usage and operating costs. Learn More

1st Dual Member Worldwide

We are proud to be recognized as the first dual member worldwide for Hardox and Strenx certifications for buckets and attachments worldwide. Learn More


KickBox Ejector Bucket

Take your productivity up a notch and move material faster with the all-new KickBox – the most efficient ejector bucket for wheel loaders. For a wide variety of applications, including grain handling, recycling and manure, the AMI KickBox is a top performer for moving high volumes of material quickly and safely. Learn More

Stump Harvester

Dig, split, shear and load with the ultimate wood harvesting attachment for excavators – the AMI Stump Harvester. From land clearing and wood processing to tree-line trimming, the Stump Harvester is a multi- purpose tool that maximizes productivity. Learn More


Fast Track

AMI’s Fast Track Program features a wide selection of high-volume products that can be manufactured and shipped in a shorter time period with no compromise in quality and at no extra charge. See what's available!

Extreme Service Mining Bucket

Dig deeper and longer with an AMI Extreme Service Mining Bucket. Built with Hardox wear steel and Strenx Performance Steel throughout the complete bucket, the Extreme Service Mining Bucket features customized components designed specifically for your mining application and tailored perfectly to your machine. Learn More