Wing Blade

When it comes to leading-edge versatility during the harshest winter conditions, look no further than the AMI Snowblades’ Wheel Loader Hydraulic Wing Blade. Offering exceptional flexibility is the Wing Blade’s quick coupler feature for independent coupling of the front angle blade. As an industry first, the quick attach on both the front angle blade and wing blade gives operators the ability to use each attachment together or individually. With up to a 12 ft. wide mouldboard, extendible push pole with 25" extension, and a control valve with in-cab joystick controls, this blade assembly is designed for efficient snow removal and user-friendly setup. The Wing Blade provides an impressive 48" of level bench height and comes equipped with a reversible bolt-on edge.


FastTrack Category Model Machine Class Width Bench Height Push Pole Length Weight
150 SW5103SV 2.75 - 3.00 yds 10 ' 48 " 24 " WOR
150 SW5123SV 2.75 - 3.00 yds 12 ' 48 " 24 " WOR
175 SW5103SV 3.25 - 3.50 yds 10 ' 48 " 24 " WOR
175 SW5123SV 3.25 - 3.50 yds 12 ' 48 " 24 " WOR

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