AMI XMOR™ BHC Mining Bucket

XMOR® BHC buckets target large-size excavators where increased productivity in digging adds value to the process. XMOR® BHC buckets have the necessary strength for tearing out blast footings, loading trucks and crushers with blasted rock and other heavy-duty operations such as bulk earthworks and coal stripping. The reduced weight allows for more payload without increasing suspended load.


Structural Integrity

Teardrop-shaped Head Beam provides structural integrity and allows the main bucket to be built separately from the shell.


Built Hardox® Strong

Hardox® 450 and Hardox® 500 Tuf in the design allows for reduced plate thickness.


Reduce Maintenance and Downtime

Being mechanically attached, the bolt-on heel shrouds reduce service maintenance time as well as reduce steel overlap for a lighter bucket.


Specially Designed Inverted Keel

The Inverted Keel is a proven and unique XMOR® feature serving the dual purpose of distributing the material smoothly inside the bucket and keeping the external plate away from the material, thus reducing wear.

AMI XMOR BHC Mining Bucket
AMI XMOR BHC Mining Bucket


FastTrack Category Model Machine Class

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