Hot Slag Bucket

Experience the Hot Slag Bucket from AMI Attachments, designed to tackle the hottest of jobs. Constructed with 3000-degree Fahrenheit resistance, our bucket boasts an extra-thick floor made of heat-resistant steel, ensuring durability under extreme temperatures. With replaceable weld-on sliding pads and half-arrow edge segments, wear and tear are minimized, safeguarding the bucket from abrasion. Engineered to outlast traditional welds, the Hot Slag Bucket guarantees unmatched longevity. For emergency situations, rely on the convenient tow hook for quick retrieval. Trust AMI Attachments to deliver the efficiency and reliability you need to conquer any high-temperature project. Unleash the power of our Hot Slag Bucket today.


Extra-Thick Floor

With an extra thick floor made of heat resistant steel, the Hot Slag Bucket is able to absorb heat, eliminating distortion during the thermal effects of expansion and contraction.


Weld Joints

The weld joints are designed to outlast traditional weld joints.


Handles Material up to 3000 Degrees Fahrenheit

The temperature of slag can reach 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and upwards of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit for Extreme Slag versions.


Half-Arrow Edge

With Half-Arrow Edge segments placed in-between loader teeth and on the side of the bucket, the base and edges are protected from abrasion.

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