Hydraulic Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket

The new design of the Hydraulic Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket features a flatter profile, open heel and bigger radius for level grading on uneven terrain. With the versatility of a 45 degree tilt range on each side, you achieve smooth tilting action for an easy, clean finish. Designed specifically to reach those awkward spots with less repositioning of your excavator, the AMI Hydraulic Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket allows for level grading on uneven ground, provides a smooth tilting action and is designed to fit tightly when curled up. The bottom reversible cutting edge adds longevity and provides easy in-field maintenance.


90 Degree Rotation


Crossover Plumbing


Tapered Design


Dual Radius Design


Serrated Edge Available

Specifications - Loader Backhoe

FastTrack Category Model Machine Class Width Capacity Weight
FastTrack Icon 30 LBHTD0610E36 Class 30 36 " 4.500 ft³ 355 lbs
FastTrack Icon 30 LBHTD0610E40 Class 30 40 " 5.000 ft³ 385 lbs
FastTrack Icon 30 LBHTD0610E48 Class 30 48 " 5.500 ft³ 425 lbs
50 LBHTD1214E36 Class 50 36 " 8.625 ft³ 550 lbs
FastTrack Icon 50 LBHTD1214E42 Class 50 42 " 10.250 ft³ 715 lbs
FastTrack Icon 50 LBHTD1214E48 Class 50 48 " 11.875 ft³ 775 lbs
FastTrack Icon 70 LBHTD1416E42 Class 70 42 " 10.125 ft³ 715 lbs
FastTrack Icon 70 LBHTD1416E48 Class 70 48 " 12.150 ft³ 775 lbs
70 LBHTD1416E54 Class 70 54 " 13.500 ft³ 840 lbs

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