Broadcast Spreader

Don’t let bad winter weather bring you down. Make quick work of spreading sand and salt on icy roads and walkways with the AMI QuickSand. For your Wheel Loader or Loader Backhoe, this versatile broadcast spreader is available in single and double spinner models. Made from galvanized steel, the QuickSand features hydraulic spinners and a floating agitator that prevents clumping and ensures an even distribution pattern.

Specifications - Loader Backhoe

FastTrack Category Model Machine Class Description Capacity Weight
30 LBHS100 Class 30 Single Spinner 0.50 ft³ 410 lbs
50 LBHS100 Class 50 Single Spinner 0.50 ft³ 410 lbs
50 LBHS200 Class 50 Double Spinner 1.50 ft³ 1320 lbs
70 LBHS100 Class 70 Single Spinner 0.50 ft³ 410 lbs
70 LBHS200 Class 70 Double Spinner 1.50 ft³ 1320 lbs

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