Frost Ripper

Don't let freezing weather or hard conditions slow you down. The AMI Frost Ripper is designed for initial breakup of dense, hard-packed material including frozen ground. The tooth is formed from solid Hardox HiTuf Steel and allows for easy tip replacement, keeping you in the field longer. Make your next ripper an AMI and you'll experience strength and durability that will keep your machine running and get your job done. Contact your dealer for more info on the AMI Frost Ripper and extend your season and digging capabilities.

Specifications - Loader Backhoe

FastTrack Category Model Machine Class Description Penetration Weight
FastTrack Icon 30 LBHD0610R Class 30 Single Tooth 21 " 80 lbs
FastTrack Icon 50 LBHD1214R Class 50 Single Tooth Penetration 24 " 255 lbs
FastTrack Icon 70 LBHD1416R Class 70 Single Tooth Penetration 30 " 245 lbs

FastTrack Logo AMI’s Fast Track Program features a wide selection of high-volume products that can be manufactured and shipped in a shorter time period with no compromise in quality and at no extra charge.

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