Extreme Service Slab Bucket

The AMI Extreme Service Slab Bucket for excavators and loader backhoes allows for even greater handling and maneuvering of blocks, concrete chunks, stone, and broken concrete. Ideal for sidewalks, pavement, and construction and demolition sites, the Extreme Service Slab Bucket features teeth for digging under stone slabs and a cut out endplate design for easy pick up and load retention.

Specifications - Excavator

FastTrack Category Model Machine Class Width Teeth Weight
FastTrack Icon 250 XSSB4560E42 55,000 - 65,000 lbs 42 " 5 WOR
FastTrack Icon 250 XSSB4560E48 55,000 - 65,000 lbs 48 " 6 WOR
FastTrack Icon 300 XSSB6080E48 65,000 - 90,000 lbs 48 " 5 WOR
FastTrack Icon 300 XSSB6080E54 65,000 - 90,000 lbs 54 " 5 WOR

FastTrack Logo AMI’s Fast Track Program features a wide selection of high-volume products that can be manufactured and shipped in a shorter time period with no compromise in quality and at no extra charge.

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