General Purpose Bucket

Fill your pockets using the efficiency and durability of the AMI General Purpose Bucket. Designed for easy filling and hassle-free clean out, even general purpose has special features that make it AMI. To fill quickly material needs to roll. AMI angles the bucket floor up slightly helping to lift material into the bucket. Smooth curves and open design makes the clean out easy without material packing into tight corners. For everyday use, get the most out of your general purpose bucket with AMI Attachments.

Specifications - Loader Backhoe

FastTrack Category Model Machine Class Capacity (Cu. Yds) Weight (lbs)
50 LB50GP100 Class 50 1.000
50 LB50GP125 Class 50 1.250
50 LB50GP130 Class 50 1.300
50 LB50GP150 Class 50 1.500
50 LB50GP175 Class 50 1.750
70 LB70GP100 Class 70 1.000
70 LB70GP125 Class 70 1.250
70 LB70GP130 Class 70 1.300
70 LB70GP150 Class 70 1.500
70 LB70GP175 Class 70 1.750
70 LB70GP200 Class 70 2.000

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