High Dump Bucket

The High Dump Bucket features a bottom pivot point allowing the operator more bucket clearance when emptying a load.

Cylinder Cushioning

Rubber Stop Home Position

Long Leverage Easy Dump

Minimal Lines Clean Unloading

Specifications - Loader Backhoe

FastTrack Category Model Machine Class Capacity Weight
50 LB50HD100 Class 50 1.000 yd³ WOR
50 LB50HD150 Class 50 1.500 yd³ WOR
50 LB50HD200 Class 50 2.000 yd³ WOR
70 LB70HD100 Class 70 1.000 yd³ WOR
70 LB70HD150 Class 70 1.500 yd³ WOR
70 LB70HD200 Class 70 2.000 yd³ WOR

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