Side Dump Bucket

Easily handle material on highway construction sites, trenches and roadways without obstructing traffic. The Side Dump pivots smoothly using a cushioning cylinder, slowing the movement at both ends of the stroke. For normal dumping, the auto-lock secures the non-pivot end, preventing the bucket from side pivoting during dumping and filling.

Specifications - Loader Backhoe

FastTrack Category Model Machine Class Capacity (Cu. Yds) Description Weight (lbs)
50 LB50SD100 Class 50 1.000 Left or Right Side Dump
50 LB50SD125 Class 50 1.250 Left or Right Side Dump
70 LB70SD100 Class 70 1.000 Left Or Right Side Dump
70 LB70SD125 Class 70 1.250 Left or Right Side Dump

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