RODRADAR Live Dig Radar® Bucket

Take the guesswork out of locating utilities with the all-new RODRADAR Live Dig Radar® Bucket — the first-ever ground penetrating radar system that’s integrated directly into an excavator bucket. For the first time, excavator operators now have real-time detection and alerts for safer and more productive job sites when working around utilities. By using leading-edge radar technology, RODRADAR Live Dig Radar® Buckets deliver instant and accurate results that identify the presence of a utility and its depth. The RODRADAR Live Dig Radar® Bucket represents the most significant advancement in excavation safety and utility detection — and is now available.

RodRadar Live Dig Radar by AMI Attachments Scan Illustration

Live Dig Radar® (LDR) Technology

The one and only patented ground-penetrating radar imaging technology platform for real-time, automatic, on-site underground utility detection, empowering the operator, the contractor, and the entire earthworks ecosystem for safe, reliable excavations.


LDR Excavate™

LDR Excavate™ is the first-ever ground penetrating radar (GPR) integrated in the excavator’s digging bucket, detecting and alerting on underground utilities in real-time during live excavation.

RodRadar Live Dig Radar LDR Visualize

LDR Visualize™

LDR Visualize™ is an easy-to-use display unit located inside the excavator cabin. Using advanced algorithms to classify radar echoes, it provides the operator with automated real-time alerts, without the need for offsite expert analysis. Any novice operator with limited or no training can understand the information provided by LDR Excavate™ and independently avoid damaging underground utilities.


Detects All Utility Types

LDR Excavate™ can detect all types of pipes and utilities, including gas, power, communications, fiber-optics, water, sewage, oil and chemicals - in different soils and types of substrates.

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