Mechanical Wedge Coupler

AMI Couplers gives you the advantages of a coupler without sacrificing your breakout force. The wedge-style adaptor keeps the pivot point at the same height as a bucket attached directly to the boom. The adjustable wedge also provides a tight fit, eliminating slack.

Specifications - Excavator

FastTrack Category Model Machine Class Description Weight
FastTrack Icon 130 QT2433W 24,000 - 33,000 lbs Mechanical Wedge Coupler 180 lbs
FastTrack Icon 150 QT3340W 33,000 - 45,000 lbs Mechanical Wedge Coupler 220 lbs
FastTrack Icon 200 QT4045W 45,000 - 55,000 lbs Mechanical Wedge Coupler 315 lbs
FastTrack Icon 250 QT4560W 55,000 - 65,000 lbs Mechanical Wedge Coupler 500 lbs
FastTrack Icon 300 QT6080W 65,000 - 90,000 lbs Mechanical Wedge Coupler 620 lbs
FastTrack Icon 400 QT80100W 90,000 - 115,000 lbs Mechanical Wedge Coupler 800 lbs
650 QT120140W 120,000 - 140,000 lbs. Mechanical Wedge Coupler 1740 lbs
750 QT140160W 140,000 - 160,000 lbs. Manual Wedge Coupler 1995 lbs

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