Graptor® Rake Powered By RAMCAM™

From demolishing buildings to clearing brush and lifting heavy objects, the Graptor® Rake Powered by RAMCAM™ sweeps through the toughest debris for maximum productivity on the job site. Featuring tines built with Hardox® 450 steel and a round tube crossbar for an extra level of lateral strength, the Graptor® Rake Powered by RAMCAM™ works efficiently to take down buildings and move unwanted brush – while keeping dumping and transportation costs to a minimum. With its built-in rotary thumb, the Graptor® Rake Powered by RAMCAM™ gives operators improved flexibility, precision and incredible holding power by maintaining a constant grip on the load throughout the entire rotation. US patents 10,774,498 and 10,774,501.


RAMCAM™ Technology

RAMCAM™ is a revolutionary new drivetrain that allows for mechanical rotation using hydraulic cylinders enclosed within a protective casing. Patent Pending.


Fully Enclosed Hydraulic Cylinders

Ingeniously designed, the RAMCAM™ drivetrain efficiently transfers energy from standard hydraulic cylinders, through a splined camshaft and into the Graptor® thumb for a tight grip on every load. And with RAMCAM™ completely enclosed, all components are fully protected at all times.


Constant Grip

Confidently handle heavy, awkward loads with the superior grip of the Graptor® Bucket Powered by RAMCAM™. For demolition work, the Graptor® strongly grips the load and holds it securely throughout the full rotation of the rake, all the way to roll out.


Maximized Gripping Strength

With the increased force at mid-stroke of the hydraulic cylinders, RAMCAM™ provides more grip of heavy objects.


Increased Crushing Force

Providing greater torque, RAMCAM™ delivers up to 84% more crushing force than the previous Graptor®, for more ripping, biting and demolishing that's reliable and durable.


Grease Bank

With all the grease points now protected, the Graptor® powered by RAMCAM™ features a grease bank for simple and routine maintenance.


FastTrack Category Model Machine Class Width Tines Grapple Tines Weight
130 GRRRRC2433E54 24,000 - 33,000 lbs 54 " 5 2 2010 lbs
150 GRRRRC3340E60 33,000 - 45,000 lbs 60 " 6 3 2420 lbs
200 GRRRRC4045E60 45,000 - 55,000 lbs 60 " 6 3 3860 lbs
250 GRRRRC4560E72 55,000 - 65,000 lbs 72 " 6 3 4310 lbs
300 GRRRRC6080E72 65,000 - 90,000 lbs 72 " 6 3 5400 lbs
400 GRRRRC80100E84 90,000 - 115,000 lbs 84 " 7 4 WOR

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