Inside Extendible Dipper Stick Hydraulic Thumb

Exclusively from AMI, this extendible dipper stick thumb is specially designed for backhoes that have an inside extendible stick, giving you the power and versatility of a stick-pivot thumb without compromising added reach. AMI’s extendible stick thumb is welded to the end of the sliding arm. The hydraulic cylinder is then braced against a bracket that counteracts pushing force and allows the thumb to grab hold of the load through the entire range of extension. The thumb slides along the outside of the stick and is designed to rotate on the same axis as the bucket pin, ensuring a solid grip throughout bucket rotation. When retracted, it tucks neatly out of the way under the dipper stick, keeping a clear line of sight for the operator.

Specifications - Loader Backhoe

FastTrack Category Model Machine Class Tines Weight (lbs)
FastTrack Icon 30 LBTH0610HEH2T Class 30 2 WOR
50 LBTH1214HEH2T Class 50 2 WOR

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