Tilt Bucket Powered by RAMCAM™

AMI Attachments’ Tilt Bucket powered by RAMCAM™ is built for battling the elements. Hydraulic cylinders are now fully protected and the hydraulic hoses have minimal exposure - reducing the risk of damage and downtime. This simple but powerful idea has forever changed the expectations for tilt bucket operators everywhere. No more broken cylinders from rocks getting caught, material build-up no longer interferes with the tilt-range, and frozen dirt stays away from the bucket’s mechanical components. The Tilt Bucket powered by RAMCAM™ is the first Tilt Bucket that’s got every angle covered. Patent Pending.



RAMCAM™ is a revolutionary new drivetrain that allows for mechanical rotation using hydraulic cylinders within a protective casing. Patent Pending.



More than just a pivot point, RAMCAM™ features a splined pin that stays securely in place. As the hydraulic cylinders push against the lobes, the torque is transferred to the splines providing rigidity and strength.


Grease Bank

With all the grease points now protected, the Tilt Bucket powered by RAMCAM™ features a grease bank for simple and routine maintenance.


90° Rotation

With 90-degree tilt, the RAMCAM™ drivetrain delivers the same tilt range as AMI Attachments’ conventional tilt bucket.


Tapered Sidewalls

Along with a replaceable bolt-on cutting edge, the bucket includes tapered sidewalls, reducing friction between material and bucket when unloading.


Dual Radius Heel

The heel profile incorporated a dual radius contour, minimizing surface contact while curling.

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