Tilt Bucket Powered by RAMCAM

On the new Tilt Bucket powered by RAMCAM the hydraulic cylinders are now fully protected and hydraulic hoses have minimal exposure - reducing the risk of damage and downtime. Designed by the engineering team at AMI Attachments, the RAMCAM is a revolutionary new drivetrain that allows for mechanical rotation using hydraulic cylinders within a protective casing. Built using Hardox wear plate, this Tilt Bucket is made to last - even in tough, rocky terrain, and is backed by AMI’s 2-Year Limited Warranty. Patent Pending.


Grease Bank

With all the grease points now protected, the Tilt Bucket powered by RAMCAM features a grease bank for simple and routine maintenance.


90° Rotation

With 90-degree tilt, the RAMCAM drivetrain delivers the same tilt range as AMI Attachments’ conventional tilt bucket.


Tapered Sidewalls

Along with a replaceable bolt-on cutting edge, the bucket includes tapered sidewalls, reducing friction between material and bucket when unloading.


Dual Radius Heel

The heel profile incorporated a dual radius contour, minimizing surface contact while curling.


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