Letsdig18 Hydraulic Stick Pivot Thumb for Compact Excavators

It’s time to experience expert performance in a compact package. Introducing the LD18 Hydraulic Stick Pivot Thumb for Compact Excavators, the newest addition to the line of signature products from Letsdig18. Learn More



We've come a long way in the last 20 years. Our organization's incredible growth is fully attributed to our clients' trust and reliability in the products we produce and the many partnerships we have formed along the way. LEARN MORE


Axxis Tiltrotator Powered by NOX

Offering the largest tilt range available and the most compact design in the industry, the AMI AXXIS™ Tiltrotator – Powered by NOX, puts a new spin on productivity! Learn More


AMI XMOR™ Bucket

Increase payload and productivity with the XMOR™ bucket from AMI Attachments. Built using Hardox® and Strenx™ steels which allows for reduced plate thickness, the AMI XMOR™ gives you up to 20 % more capacity, and yet weighs up to 30% LESS than an average bucket. Patent pending. Learn More


Ruckus Rake - Power Box Rake

The all new Ruckus Rake - Power Box Rake from AMI Attachments is a bi-directional, hydraulically powered rotary rake made for your landscaping needs. Learn More


Letsdig18 Pro-Link Thumb

Working together with Chris, better known as Letsdig18, AMI has developed a custom edition Pro-Link thumb to work just as Chris needs it too within his setup. Learn More


4-in-1 Blade with Fluid Edge

The big 4-in-1 Blade is a system of four blade positions that give you the tools to clear large areas of snow fast. Gain the upper edge and improve your snowplowing capabilities this winter with the all-new Fluid Edge Segmented Cutting Edge. Featuring individual 12” segments that respond and conform to uneven surfaces. Learn More


Jawbone Bucket

When multi-tasking is a must, the AMI Attachments Jawbone 4-in-1 excavator bucket responds with a multi-purpose design that digs, grades, grips and clamshells. LEARN MORE


Graptor Bucket

Powered by a helical actuator, the AMI Graptor Bucket features incredible holding strength. The built-in rotary actuated thumb gives operators improved flexibility and precision by maintaining constant grip on the load throughout the bucket’s entire rotation. Learn More

1st Dual Member Worldwide

We are proud to be recognized as the first dual member worldwide for Hardox and Strenx certifications for buckets and attachments worldwide. Learn More


KickBox Ejector Bucket

Take your productivity up a notch and move material faster with the all-new KickBox – the most efficient ejector bucket for wheel loaders. For a wide variety of applications, including grain handling, recycling and manure, the AMI KickBox is a top performer for moving high volumes of material quickly and safely. Learn More


Fast Track

AMI’s Fast Track Program features a wide selection of high-volume products that can be manufactured and shipped in a shorter time period with no compromise in quality and at no extra charge. See what's available!

Brand Ambassadors

Working closely with our Brand Ambassadors, AMI gets real world experience from users you know and trust. Learn More