Profile on Professionals
We salute our customers who rely on AMI Attachments every day to make their businesses even more successful. These customers embrace AMI's philosophy for professionals - "It's Not a Job. It's a Performance."
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Located north of Arthur, Ontario, New Obelink Farms prides itself on running a self-sustaining dairy operation. As a family-owned farm since 2000, Evert and his team have worked hard to make their operation as efficient as possible. Their decision to purchase an Ejector Bucket from AMI Attachments for their wheel loader has resulted in huge time savings for the daily chore of creating rationed feed.
Falconer Limited
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Located in Mount Brydges, Ontario, Falconer Ltd. is a company on a mission. To gain more volume, Shawn and his team recently turned to AMI Attachments to develop the ultimate wood harvesting attachment for excavators - the AMI Stump Harvester. Working with a Komatsu 228 excavator for land clearing, wood processing and tree-line trimming, Shawn’s new Stump Harvester has the tall task of downsizing large stumps and logs for firewood or grinding into mulch.
Town of Goderich
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Producing 9 million tons of rock salt each year, Goderich, Ontario is home to the world’s largest underground salt mine. But even with a massive supply of rock salt in their own backyard, when winter hits, it first takes an AMI Reactor Wing Blade to clear the snow. With the recent addition of a new John Deere wheel loader to its municipal fleet, the Town of Goderich purchased a hydraulic Wing Blade from AMI Attachments to bolster its snow removal capabilities.
Coutts Brothers
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When Coutts Brothers need to make high-voltage transmission repairs in the heart of Maine’s wetland areas, protecting this environmentally-sensitive land is a top priority. By adding an integrated thumb Graptor Bucket, from AMI Attachments, to their equipment line-up, the crew at Coutts Brothers can move hardwood mats into place efficiently, giving heavier equipment easy access to the jobsite with minimal damage to the land.
Lapoint Drainage
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When good farmland is left abandoned for thirty–plus years, restoring it to grow crops again takes the right crew and the right tools. With the AMI Graptor Root Rake, Marco from Lapointe Drainage in Embrun, Ontario has the perfect tool to help breathe new life into the land and plant the seeds for the next generation of farming.
Art's Crushing and Recycling
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Demolishing an old building takes equipment with cutting-edge agility and high-performance strength. From bricks and steel beams, to wood studs and electrical wires, watch how Anthony Aarts from Arts Crushing & Recycling in London, Ontario uses AMI’s Extractor Sorting & Demolition grapple to tear down a three-storey building in Woodstock, Ontario.
DVM Utilities
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DVM Utilities specializes in underground utility construction, installing water mains and sanitary sewers in Michigan, Ohio, Florida and North Carolina with a crew of 60 employees and over 100 pieces of equipment. Watch and listen to DVM Utilities President, Daniel Dilegge as he talks about the benefits of his recent purchase of an Extendible Stick from AMI Attachments.
Shilson Excavating
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Shilson Excavating, located in Leamington, ON, is one of the region's largest excavating companies who recently purchased an AMI Attachments Graptor Bucket—the only integrated thumb bucket using an helical actuator. Watch and listen to what Phil Shilson has to say about maximizing productivity using the Graptor by AMI Attachments.
Tri City Materials
Severe Duty Bucket in action
With Hardox equipped wear points, the AMI Severe Duty Digging Bucket has the durability to work with highly abrasive materials in the most demanding environments. Watch AMI Attachments Profile on Professionals, featuring Tri City Materials located in Waterloo Region, Ontario.
Outdoor Sporting & Construction
Pro-Link Thumbs in action
Demolishing 600 large buildings takes reach and gripping power, and that's what the AMI Pro-Link Thumb was made to do. Watch AMI Attachments Profile on Professionals, featuring Outdoor Sporting & Construction located in Rhein, Saskatchewan.
Stonewater Farms
Reactor 4 in 1 Blade in action
When winter storms hit, Mike Jones from Stonewater Farms kicks into high gear as a snow removal contractor. His four season operation based near Hamilton, Ontario has more than 20 pieces of equipment to meet the demands of every customer. And the AMI Reactor 4 in 1 Blade is crucial to their ongoing success.
Denis Gratton Construction
Extreme Service Bucket in action
Building roads in hard rock conditions is a challenge that Denis Gratton Construction tackles on a regular basis. With the help of AMI's Extreme Service Excavator Bucket, the Northern Ontario based company works hard to get the job done on budget and on time even in the unforgiving terrain of the Canadian Shield.
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